Lake Onega

Lake Onega is Europe's second largest freshwater lake in Russia. The length of the lake is 245 km, and the maximum width is almost 83 km, thus covering an area of 9720 km2.

Lake Onega

There are a huge number of islands in the lake, a total of 1,650, which occupy an area of 224 km2. The most famous of them is the Kizhi Museum Reserve. Already 1152 rivers feed the lake with their waters, but only 52 of them have a length of more than 10 km. The most amazing thing is that only one river Svir flows from such a huge lake. In 1953, a hydroelectric station was built on it, which regulates the flow of water during spring snowmelt.

The shores of the lake and islands are usually bogged down and covered with thickets of reeds, in which a huge amount of game nests: geese, ducks, you can see swans. Lake Onega is a paradise for fishermen, because 47 species of fish live here, such as: boats, perch, litters, trout, my legs, ruffles, eels, smelt, pike perch, carasi, carps and even sterlades and salmon. But of all this diversity, only 17 species of fish are interesting for fishing.

Lake Onega

In recent years, tourism and transport links have been actively reviving on the lake. From Petrozavodsk to Kizhi Island, a route on a boat of the Comet type was organized several times a day". In addition, travel agencies form tours of motor ships on Lake Onega to the most interesting places. In winter, airbags are used for transportation. It is worth noting that since 1972, the Onega Sailing Regatta has been held at the end of July, in which cruising yachts can take part.

Lake Onega is also notable for the huge number of cave-frame petroglyphs hollowed out in the rocks 4-6 thousand years ago. In total, there are about 1100 rocky images of animals, boats, people and geometric shapes. Most of the petroglyphs are located on the capes: Besov Nos, Peri Nos, Kladovets. Images are knocked out to a depth of 1-4 mm and are 2.5 meters above the water.

Lake Onega Lake Onega Lake Onega Lake Onega Lake Onega Lake Onega
Lake Onega - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 61.642778
Longitude: 35.518889


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