Kuskovo is one of the most luxurious noble estates of imperial Russia, formerly owned by the Sheremetev counties, but has become a museum since the parishes of Soviet power.


The estate is located in Moscow in the area of Veshnyaki and its construction are a prime example of neoclassical architecture. The estate includes: a palace built in the 18th century, a church, a ceramic museum, a French regular park with sculptures, an English park. The former, mentioning Kuskovo, date back to the 16th century, then it was a small piece of land, and all the other lands in the district belonged to Chancellor Cherkasy A. M. Count Boris Petrovich Sheremetev called his land "piece", hence the name of the estate. After the marriage of the son of Sheremetev and the daughter of Cherkasy, all the lands around passed to Sheremetev.

History of the estate of Kuskovo

In the 1770s, Peter Sheremetev created a large manor with ponds, a palace, pavilions for entertainment, and a huge park. In total, the territory of the estate is 230 hectares. The construction was led by serf architects Alexei Mironov and Fedor Argunov. The main thing in the entire architectural and art ensemble was the palace, built to receive a large number of guests. Up to 30,000 guests were accepted on especially significant dates in Kuskovo. The palace was built of wood in the best traditions of Russian architecture, on the ground floor was a ceremonial, and on the second floor there were cellars and rooms for servants. The palace has preserved the interior of the 18th century and paintings by Russian and European artists. The entrances to the palace are decorated with 3 portico with columns, richly decorated with wood carvings. A staircase and a ramp lead to the main entrance so that carriages can drive up to the doors of the palace.


If the owner of the manor Kuskovo wanted to retire with friends, then they went to the second floor of the Hermitage pavilion, where you could only get by mechanical elevator. On the ground floor, the servants set the table and lifted it up using a lift. On the shore of the pond you can see the "Dutch House", and the buildings and the garden around it were supposed to create the illusion of a street by the water canal. By the way, the film "Hello, I'm your aunt!" Was shot in this house!". Also on the territory of the manor there were filming of the film "Shirli-Myrli" and the series: "Secrets of the palace coups", "Vivat, gardemarins!", "Institute of noble maidens".

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Kuskovo - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 55.735281
Longitude: 37.80749


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