Kislovodsky National Park

Kislovodsky National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the Caucasus, occupying a vast territory of 965 hectares. It was from here in Russia that the fashion for medical walking went.

Kislovodsky National Park

The history of the park began in 1823, when General Alexei Ermolov ordered the park to be equipped. Especially for this, several units of soldiers were identified who had to face great difficulties, because the local soil is rocky and it is quite difficult to plant trees. Therefore, fertile soil was brought to the park.

In 1845, the Caucasus was appointed Prince M. WITH. Vorontsova, who brought the best varieties of flowers and trees from his Crimean lands for the development of the garden. In addition, plants from Tbilisi, Riga, Ukraine, as well as plants from the gardens of the Caucasus were brought here. In 1903, life was breathed into the park for a new one, then the gardener Albert Regel led the construction. On the former Cossack lands arranged the Middle Park. On the slopes of the hills planted fir, spruce, oak, ash. By the way, until 2016, these territories were called the Resort Park, and then renamed the Kislovodsky National Park.

Kislovodsky National Park

In 1901, the very first trail in Russia for a healing walk - terrenkur was laid here. Later laid another 6 paths of varying complexity. All routes are divided into 3 species depending on the angle of rise, length, pace of walking and how often you need to relax on it. Each route is sprinkled with red sand and marked with information plates. The total length of the paths is 30 kilometers, and the length of the routes varies from 1700 to 6000 meters. Walking along any route is quite simple - just get to the Narzan Gallery, from where all the paths begin.

Kislovodsky National Park is located in a picturesque place on the banks of the Olkhovka River. In total, the park boasts over 250 species of shrubs and trees, of which the most noticeable fir, ash, coffins, maples, spruce, cedars, larchs, cork trees. About a thousand plant species grow in the park, and flower lovers should visit the Valley of Roses and Rose Square, and there are also nurseries and greenhouses with plants. By the way, squirrels have been brought into the park for a long time and they are used to the local climate and residents, so without difficulty the squirrels can be lured and fed from hand.

Kislovodsky National Park Kislovodsky National Park Kislovodsky National Park Kislovodsky National Park Kislovodsky National Park Kislovodsky National Park
Kislovodsky National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.896389
Longitude: 42.738333


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