Alanya is a national park founded in 1998 on the territory of the Republic of North Ossetia in order to preserve unique natural complexes and cultural buildings, to develop tourism in the region.


The first ideas about organizing a protected area appeared back in the 1950s, and the first step was taken in 1958, when the Tseysky reserve was founded". In 1967, the North Ossetian State Reserve appeared. Teachers of North Ossetian State University contributed to the creation of the national park, who wrote articles to newspapers and gave students graduation projects on topics related to security territories in North Ossetia.

Together, on February 18, 1998, a decree was signed on the creation of the Alanya National Park on an area of almost 550 km2. The park is surrounded by mountain ranges, and you can only get into it through the mountain road in the Ahsint canyon. The maximum height in the park is 4646 meters ( Wilpat Mountain ), and the minimum is 1350 meters.


The park has a very rich animal and plant world. Of the animals, you can often find chamois, wild boars, jackeys, East Caucasian tours, brown bears, foxes, marten, and there are also 116 varieties of birds, of which only 39 live permanently in the park. Of birds, snowgiri, furry-footed sons, patches, cloves, black grouse, blacksmiths, birch trees, and filins are often found. Alanya National Park is 60% covered by forests, in which over a thousand species of plants grow, many of which are listed in the Red Book.

There are also many ancient monuments in the Alanya National Park, these include parking lots for primitive people, burial grounds for Alan tribes, castles, ripple cryptography shops, and shrines. Of the natural attractions, waterfalls, glacial lakes, glaciers, huge stones are interesting. All this attracts tourists, for whom a large number of recreation centers are arranged here, hiking trails are carried out, excursions are arranged.

Alanya National Park Alanya National Park Alanya National Park Alanya National Park Alanya National Park Alanya National Park
Alanya - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 42.9
Longitude: 43.733333


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