Kazan circus

The Kazan Circus gives performances for spectators several times a week; it is the pride and adornment of the city. Its founder is the Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan. The central ticket office is open every day from 9.00 to 18.30; 2,312 spectators can be in the circus at a time. Families with children often come here; you can meet tourists not only from Russia, but also from other countries.

Kazan circus

Brief description

The building of the Kazan Circus looks unusual, but thanks to the architecture you can immediately guess that there is a circus here. An exquisite idea is embodied in the form of a space flying saucer. Famous world troupes come here on tour. This tradition has appeared since the founding of the institution. Entrepreneur and hereditary circus performer Albert Salamonsky invited an Italian circus performer to Kazan. He delighted the audience with solo performances and showed local artists a couple of tricks.

The history of the Kazan Circus is more than 100 years old; in 1924 it received state status. In the 60s, the institution closed due to the emergency condition of the building. The opening of the new building took place in 1967. It was last reconstructed in 2018. It is equipped with modern circus equipment and meets all safety requirements. The circus arena is round, each time it is decorated according to the theme of the performances.

Kazan circus

Information for visitors

The Kazan Circus gives positive emotions to spectators of all ages. The schedule becomes known a month before the performances. A ticket to a circus show can be purchased from 300 rubles. The price depends on the seat; children under 5 years old accompanied by relatives can enter for free. The Kremlin metro station is within walking distance. It is called the central line, so it will be difficult to get lost.

The Kazan Circus welcomes artists from the best circus groups, including experienced trainers of predators and exotic animals. Clowns and acrobats can make anyone laugh. They have a lot of experience behind them and have spectacular costumes at their disposal. The view from the circus opens onto the Kremlin embankment. Nearby are the Sports Palace and the Kazan Kremlin. A children's school has been opened at the Kazan Circus. It was founded in 1996, anyone from 5 to 14 years old can enroll here. Here they teach dancing and aerial gymnastics, juggling, acrobatics and acting.

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Kazan circus - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 55.798483
Longitude: 49.100733


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