Big canyon of Crimea

The Kryma Grand Canyon is a fairly large canyon in the Bakhchisarai region, formed as a result of water exposure about 2 million years ago.

Big canyon of Crimea

The large canyon in depth exceeds 300 meters, in length only 3.5 kilometers, and the width in places is not more than 3 meters. About 200 million years ago, the Crimean peninsula was covered by the ancient Tethys Sea, in which the remains of various organisms were laid for millions of years, later the bottom of the sea rose and sank several times due to the movement of tectonic plates. As a result, the canyon began to consist of sandstone, argillites, aleurolites, limestone and clay. Over the past millions of years, water has been grinding soft sand rocks, forming a stunningly beautiful canyon, boilers with a depth of 2 meters, waterfalls with a height of 3-4 meters. In total, about 150 boilers are in the Grand Canyon of Crimea, the walls of the canyon are usually smooth, the bottom is strewn with a large number of blocks.

Many sources and streams that form the Auzun-Uzen river ( from the Crimean river are translated as the Ustye River ) flow into the canyon. The water temperature in the streams is not more than 10 degrees even in the hottest weather. In autumn, when little rain, streams in the canyon almost dry out, and during the showers it is extremely risky, because a huge stream of water sweeps along the channel of the canyon, scattering huge stones in different directions. Also in the rain stonefalls intensify.

Big canyon of Crimea

The Grand Canyon of Crimea has a special microclimate. There is a lot of humidity and lower temperatures, which is why vegetation after winter begins to develop almost a month later than the surrounding canyon. Mostly beeches, oaks, lindens, maples, and coffins grow in the gorge. It is especially worth noting the relict trees of berry yew 10-15 meters high. More than half of the species of orchids found in Crimea also grow here. There are a large number of trout in the cannons of the canyon, and nearby you can meet hedgehogs, badgers, brawlers. From birds often come across titers, juices, woodpeckers, gorichvostka, and Moscow.

In 1947, the territory of the canyon was declared a natural monument, and in 1974 it became a landscape reserve. From that moment it is forbidden to put up tents, collect flowers, kindle fire and do any action that could damage nature. The condition of the reserve is watched by employees of the Kuibyshevsky Forestry. For the convenience of tourists, forestry employees arranged routes to the most interesting places. Most often visit source Pania, the Bath of Youth, Blue Lake.

Bolshoi Canyon Crimea Bolshoi Canyon Crimea Bolshoi Canyon Crimea Bolshoi Canyon Crimea Bolshoi Canyon Crimea Bolshoi Canyon Crimea
Big canyon of Crimea - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 44.527778
Longitude: 34.016667


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