Curral das Freiras

Curral das Freiras is an ancient village in Portugal, which is famous not only in the country, but also far beyond its borders. Portugal is a country where tourists can experience all the beauty of nature and also see beautiful architectural monuments. The embodiment of these two elements is Curral das Freiras, whose patron is the Virgin Mary.

Curral das Freiras


Curral das Freiras is a village that has survived on the island of Madeira since the 16th century. It is located in a valley and is difficult to get to because there are mountain ranges all around, making it difficult to arrive. But tourists like to watch the mountain landscapes that decorate this place.

The name Curral das Freiras has an interesting story: translated from Portuguese, this place is called the refuge of nuns. This is due to the fact that in the middle of the 16th century this island was attacked by ferocious pirates who began colonizing these places. The nuns were lucky, who were able to take refuge in the valley and later founded their own settlement here, which lived “according to the old village ways.” Unfortunately, this monastic community has not survived to this day, but to this day there is a calm and measured life in this settlement.

Curral das Freiras

Village Features

It is important to note that getting to Curral das Freiras until 2010 was very difficult - since the path to the settlement lay through dangerous mountain paths, but now the way here lies through a modern tunnel for cars, thanks to which a significant influx has increased here local residents and tourists - about 100 thousand people visit this place annually.

It is best to start your trip to Curral das Freiras from the Cerrado, as this is where the famous observation deck is located, where you can take very beautiful photographs. Next, you should visit the settlement itself, and it is better to do this during the daytime, as you can catch an early church service, and you can also get to the local market, where local farmers sell their organic products.

Curral das Freiras is an amazing place in the very center of the island of Madeira, which is becoming a real tourist corner throughout Western Europe. Lovers of wild nature, as well as moderate life, should definitely come to this place for a few days and enjoy all the gifts of this amazing place.

Curral das Freiras Curral das Freiras Curral das Freiras Curral das Freiras Curral das Freiras Curral das Freiras
Curral das Freiras - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 32.7
Longitude: -16.966667


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