Brief description of the country

Portugal is a country in Southern Europe with an area of more than 92 thousand square kilometers. The population is over 10 million people. The capital is Lisbon.

People come here to relax on well-maintained beaches, walk along the streets of ancient cities and admire architectural monuments. It is best to come here from the end of May to the end of October. You can also arrange a trip on Christmas or New Year's Eve. The climate is warm, and the difference between the temperature in winter and summer is about 5°C.

Festive events are often held in Portugal. In February, the art of a samba master is demonstrated. In summer, a sardine festival is organized. Folklore groups perform in autumn. Starting from Easter and until September, the season of torada (Portuguese bullfighting) takes place. Spectacle spectacular, animals do not die during the fighting. The national cuisine is dominated by seafood. Octopus is served for appetizers. Tuna salads are popular. Soups are chosen as the main course. Locals advise trying gazpacho.

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