Brief description of the country

Palau is an island nation in the western Pacific Ocean. It gained independence in 1994. The area of the country is small, it occupies less than 500 square kilometers. The population is over 20 thousand people. Translated from the Palauan language, the name means "village". However, Palau is called a tropical paradise. The average temperature is from +24°С to +28°С. The rainy season starts in May and ends in November.

There are many underwater grottoes and caves in Palau. You can go diving. About 1.5 thousand species of fish live in coastal waters. More than 100 species of sharks swim off the coast of Palau, some of them are on the verge of extinction. It is worth visiting Jellyfish Lake. It is filled with brackish water and connects to the ocean. There are 2 million jellyfish in this place, but they don't know how to sting.

Exotic flowers grow in gardens and forests. You can see 50 species of birds. It is interesting to get acquainted with the history of the state in museums. The exhibitions consist not only of historical photographs and works of art, but also of sculptures and carvings.

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