Folgefonna National Park

Folgefonna is the national park of Norway in its southern part. It was opened by Queen Sonya herself in 2005 in order to preserve the Folgefonn Glacier, which is one of the three largest glaciers in Norway. In the Hardanger region, 3 glaciers are located on one coat: Southern Glacier with an area of 207 km2, North - 26 km2 and Central - 11 km2. According to 2006 measurements, the total territory occupied by the ice cover of Folgefonn was 207 km2.

Folgefonna National Park

The Northern Glacier is Norway's largest glacier. Its maximum height lies 1640 meters above sea level, and the minimum is 990 meters. The southern glacier is considered 3 in size by the glacier of Norway with a maximum and minimum height of 1660 and 490 meters. In glaciers, quite large rivers begin: Blomstolkardbreen, Bondhusbreen and Bouarbreen. In recent years, rivers have become more and more full. Under the glacier, a Folgefonn tunnel with a length of over 11 km was built. A branch of Hardanger Fjord - Sildafjord is located near the eastern side of the park.

Nowadays, the park has many routes, and ski resorts have been built in the northern part of the park. In addition to the Folgefonn Glacier, mountain valleys are protected near the glacier. In the valleys you can see lakes of glacial origin.

Folgefonna National Park

No less entertaining is the flora and fauna of Folgefonn Park. It grows: lichen, moss, found in the zone of coniferous coastal forests. Of the animals, tundra partridges, woodpeckers, furry-footed cannuts are quite common, and there are also a large number of noble deer.

The fleet has a well-developed tourism infrastructure. For visitors, a fairly spacious network of hiking trails has been built in the park. In addition, the nightlight was also taken into account in the park, for these purposes 4 huts were built here.

Folgefonna National Park Folgefonna National Park Folgefonna National Park Folgefonna National Park Folgefonna National Park Folgefonna National Park
Folgefonna National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 60.083333
Longitude: 6.4


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