Bender Fortress

Bender Fortress is an ancient powerful fortification in Transnistria, erected back in the 16th century in the town of Bender. The fortress is presented in the book "100 most beautiful and amazing places of the USSR" released in 2010.

Bender Fortress

The fortress was erected in 1538 by the Ottoman Empire to defend its borders. After the construction, the bastion was surrounded by a large earthen embankment and dug a deep moat around to make the fortress impregnable. The favorable tactical presence of the citadel made it an important reference point in the era of Russian-Turkish wars. The first unsuccessful attempt to take possession of her was made in 1540 by the Moldavian Prince Alexander Kornya. In 1574, Ion Vode Lute attacked the fortress, captured the city, but they could not take possession of the fortress. The next attempt was made after 20 years, during which the city was burned, but the Bender Fortress resisted. After losing in the Battle of Poltava, King Charles XII and hetman Ivan Mazepa lived in the fort for some time.

During the Russian-Turkish wars in the 18-19th century, Russian troops took the fortress 3 times. For the first time in 1770, 33,000 army of Peter Ivanovich Panin besieged and captured the Bender Fortress, defending 18,000 Turkish soldiers. Catherine II was extremely unhappy with the large losses during the capture, which amounted to 6,000 people, but, nevertheless, this battle made a significant contribution to the overall victory over the Turks. After the defeat, the Turks declared mourning for 3 days in connection with the loss of the Bender fortress and the territory that it guarded. Unfortunately, after the signing of the peace agreement, the fortress again went to the Turks. In 1789, the garrison of the fortress already surrendered without a fight, in 1806 the garrison of the fortress was bribed and Russian troops entered the fortress without a fight, and later, Emperor Alexander I declared war on the Turks and captured the garrison soldiers. This year, the fortress finally became liberated behind the Russian Empire.

Bender Fortress

The Bender fortress was strengthened several times by both weapons and defense. Since 2008, restoration work has been underway in the citadel. On its territory you can see the alley of Glory of Russian commanders, where the monuments to the greatest commanders are located. Here you can also see the bust of Baron Munchausen, who, according to legend, flew right here on the core above the fortress. History lovers should go to the Bender Fortress Museum and the Museum of Medieval Instruments of Torture, and for souvenirs you can drop by the Besiktash store".

Bender Fortress Bender Fortress Bender Fortress Bender Fortress Bender Fortress Bender Fortress
Bender Fortress - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 46.837639
Longitude: 29.485083


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