Brief description of the country

Moldova is located in South-Eastern Europe and covers an area of more than 33,000 square kilometers. The population is over 2.5 million people. The capital is Chisinau.

Due to the lack of access to the sea, there is no large influx of tourists, but the country is rich in natural attractions. Fruits and vegetables are grown here, as well as sheep and poultry farming. National cuisine is very diverse. Homemade wine is served with the meal. Winemaking is developed in the republic. Hominy is considered the crown dish. This is corn porridge with cracklings.

You can go on an expedition to the abandoned estates and the ruins of ancient monasteries. There are many architectural monuments in Moldova. There are many budget resorts here. It is best to plan a trip to Moldova in late spring or summer. The average temperature is +22°C. Winters are mild. At this time of the year, the temperature drops to -2°C. As a memento of the trip, you can take sheepskin sleeveless jackets, felt bags and a linen tablecloth.

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