Meru National Park

Meru - Kenya National Park, spread over an area of 870 km2. It was founded in 1966, 350 km from Nairobi. The measure from the rest of Kenya's parks is distinguished by a huge number of swamps, which formed thanks to 14 rivers originating in the hills of Nambene.

Meru National Park

The nature of Meru National Park is very diverse. On the south side, the Tana River flows, on the north it borders with the Cora National Park. Thanks to the construction of the bridge on the Tana River, it became possible to visit both parks without making a large hook. On the east side is the Bisanadi National Reserve.

In the northern part of Meru Park, vegetation is represented mainly by shrubs, meadows predominate in the western part. The forest is found only near rivers. In the park you can easily meet leopards, elephants, aquatic and swamp goats, hippos, buffaloes, rare Grevy zebras, many varieties of antelopes, as well as a bush pig. Also rich and ornithofauna, numbering over 300 representatives of birds.

Meru National Park

The park has already survived the difficult 70s. Previously, there were over 40,000 visitors a year. But a large number of poachers who destroyed almost all rhinos and elephants, as well as uncontrolled land breakdowns, led to the fact that tourists stopped coming here. In the 2000s, the Animal Welfare Fund and environmentalist Richard Leakey set about rebuilding Meru National Park. To do this, the fund allocated more than a million dollars to restore the head office of the park’s security and purchase all the equipment they need. Also, 66 elephants, 4 rhino, as well as 20 zebras were brought to the park.

In general, the climate of the park is arid and the rainy season falls on April-June and November-December. Over the year, an average of 700 mm of precipitation in the western part of the park and 300 in the eastern one will fall here.

Meru National Park Meru National Park Meru National Park Meru National Park Meru National Park Meru National Park
Meru National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 0.093611
Longitude: 38.208056


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