Ponto-cho area in Kyoto

The Ponto-cho area in Kyoto annually becomes a gathering place for thousands of people who come here from all over the world. As you know, Japan is a country where a lot of different events take place. The city of Kyoto occupies a special place in Japan, where life is active around the clock. People love to walk the streets at different times of the day, including the city at night.

Ponto-cho area in Kyoto

Description of the Ponto-cho area in Kyoto

Many locals call this place the usual hanamachi area, which in Japanese means an area where geisha are active. Geisha is a traditional female profession in Japan, when a woman, usually dressed in the traditional Japanese attire of a kimano, entertains guests with dances, and also talks with them on various topics over a cup of tea. In addition, people can see in Ponto-cho many houses for geishas and so-called tea houses, which are so popular with many tourists. It is also believed that the Ponto-cho district of Kyoto became the home of "kabuki theater", where the best geisha from all over Asia perform. In honor of this, a statue of the goddess Okuni was erected on the other side of the river.

Features of the Ponto-cho area in Kyoto

The area is very densely populated - local workers, geishas live here, and mini-hotels are also open in Ponto-cho for tourists who want to rent accommodation “cheaper”, or for those who want to experience the real atmosphere of Japanese life. For the convenience of people, there are many cafes and restaurants where you can try a wide variety of cuisines, as well as choose places with an open or closed roof. But still, the main feature of the Ponto-cho district in Kyoto is that it is here that guests can experience all the beauty of the art of geisha, enjoy the atmosphere of Japanese traditions that have been preserved in many parts of the country.

Ponto-cho area in Kyoto

Kyoto is an amazing city in Japan. When visiting this place, citizens advise trying to immerse yourself in all the beauty of the country's nightlife. In the Ponto-cho area in Kyoto you can see various traditions and life of the indigenous inhabitants of the land of the rising sun. It is built around a long narrow alley running from Shijo-dori to Sanjo-dori, one block west of the Kamo River.

Ponto-cho area in Kyoto - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 35.007969
Longitude: 135.771111


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