Kiyosumi Garden

Kiyosumi is a wonderful Japanese garden where both residents of the city and its guests love to spend time. This paradise has found its place in Tokyo. At the time of Edo, the merchant’s garden was located on the local territory, but later ( 1878 – 1885 ) it was acquired and ennobled by Ivasaki Yataro, who was the founder of the famous financial empire Mitsubishi. He took possession of the state in 1932, when he became publicly available to visitors.

Kiyosumi Garden

Kiyosumi Garden covers an area of 81,0000 m2. In the middle of the garden is the large Sensui pond, which seats three islands. On the shore of this pond are tea houses, which are known for their tea ceremonies. Amazing pine trees grow along the edge of the pond, thanks to which the garden has acquired a particularly charming look. They simply fascinate their unique reflection in the mirror surface of the water. The pond is full of life, birds feel great here, singing songs and jumping from branch to branch, turtles slowly crawl, and fish swims agrically. Also, many aquatic birds fell in love with this area, among which a large number of ducks, gulls, herons. To make it convenient to observe the life of animals, there are wonderful bridges that are known as Iso-vatari that are built of stones. They make it possible to walk almost on the water, watching the underwater world.

Kiyosumi holds a large number of stones of the most diverse form, which are brought into this territory from various parts of the country. So many stones went to the embodiment of the idea of Kiyosumi, which can be called its stone garden. One of the local monuments has a carved inscription that belongs to the famous Haiku Basyo, where it comes to the pond and the frog.

Kiyosumi Garden

Kiyosumi Garden is beautiful at any time of the year. Even bad weather cannot overshadow the beauty of the local landscapes.

Kiyosumi Garden Kiyosumi Garden Kiyosumi Garden Kiyosumi Garden Kiyosumi Garden Kiyosumi Garden
Kiyosumi Garden - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 35.68
Longitude: 139.797778


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