The Vittoriano Memorial is a hallmark of Rome. The memorial is distinguished by its outstanding architecture, and is also famous for its observation deck and its museums.


History of occurrence

In the early 19th century, the Italian parliament decided to commemorate Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of a united Italy, and erected the Vittoriano memorial in his honor, Giuseppe Sacconi was chosen as the architect. Under his leadership, construction work was slow, this was due to the complexity of the construction of such an extensive complex. After the death of Sacconi, the work was continued by Koch, Manfredi, Piacentini, under whose leadership the work was completed in 1911.

Vittoriano Architecture

It should be noted that the construction of this object was met negatively by the inhabitants of Rome, as it was huge and did not fit into the general background of small buildings located in this quarter. The architecture of the building itself is impressive - here you can find grandiose steps, bas-reliefs, sculptures, as well as the famous frieze, which is located above the colonnade. This frieze is decorated with statues representing the sixteen regions of Italy. In the center of the Vittoriano memorial there is a sculpture of Victor Emaanuel II, made of bronze, which is decorated with standing statues symbolizing the cities of Italy - Turin, Naples, Genoa, Milan, Urbino, Mantua, Pisa, Amalfi, Florence, Palermo, Venice, Balonna, Ravenna and Ferrara.


The heart of Vittoriano is the Altar of the Fatherland, in the center of which there is a sculpture of the goddess Roma. Next to it are bas-reliefs, each of which has its own meaning - Love for the fatherland, love for work, agriculture, cattle breeding and agriculture. In the inner part of the altar, the ashes of the Unknown Soldier, a participant in the First World War, buried in 1921, were buried. A guard of honor constantly stands in front of this burial and an eternal flame burns.

There are three museums inside the Vittoriano Memorial - the Risorgimento Museum, the Museum of Italian Emigration and the Museum of Navy Banners. On the roof of the complex is the famous observation deck - the only place from which you can see the old Rome. Also from this site you can view the streets and sights of Rome. This place is very fond of tourists, as here you can take very beautiful photos.

Vittoriano is a memorial complex, which is a symbol of united Italy, so the Romans are very proud of it. On the territory of the complex and breathes the spirit of Italy. Each visitor will definitely get aesthetic pleasure here from the beauties of the architecture of the old time, which has survived to our times in its original form.

Vittoriano Vittoriano Vittoriano Vittoriano Vittoriano Vittoriano
Vittoriano - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 41.894583
Longitude: 12.483056


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