Caesar's Forum

Caesar's Forum appeared in the 50s BC, but became known to modern travelers relatively recently. Initially, the purpose of the construction was to expand the Roman Forum, then it was used to conduct public affairs related to the Senate. It is known that Caesar erected a statue of his beloved horse in front of the temple.

Caesar's Forum

History of the Caesar Forum

The central square of Rome arose around 8 centuries BC without the intervention of architects and designers. It's just that this place was chosen by people to trade, discuss the latest news and decisions of the then government. By the way, the government itself gradually moved "closer to the people", erecting the Curia, basilicas and temples here. As the number of inhabitants of the Eternal City grew, the available area was not enough to accommodate everyone. It was then that the great commander, strategist, politician and emperor Gaius Julius Caesar allocated money from the treasury to buy a plot located next to the square. The acquisition of valuable territory was entrusted to Cicero, known for his eloquence. In support of the amazing talent to communicate, the philosopher and orator received an incredible amount of 60 million sesterces for those times (some scientists increase this amount by one and a half times).

The deal was successful, and soon the area increased its size. The annexed section was called Caesar's Forum. Moreover, this name was invented by ordinary people.

Caesar's Forum

Description of Caesar's Forum

Once upon a time, the square was decorated with the Temple of Venus and the Silver Basilica, which was a kind of exchange, as well as the location of jewelry shops and shops. Organized tourists will definitely be told the legend associated with the appearance of the temple.

Back in 48 BC, Caesar found himself in a trap set up by his former friend and comrade-in-arms Pompey. The small army of the Roman emperor could not be compared with the enemy army of many thousands. But Caesar could not retreat or surrender to the mercy of the enemy. He put all available resources into the coming battle. Before the battle, the ruler made a vow to his heavenly patroness Venus (it was believed that the Julius family comes from this goddess) to build a majestic temple in her honor.

Either military talent, or the help of higher powers played a role, but Pompey was defeated and shamefully fled to Egypt. However, this decision was not entirely correct: in a hot country, Caesar was loved and revered, and therefore they quickly got rid of their former friend and real traitor.

The temple built on the square became one of the most unusual places of worship in Rome. It consisted of marble columns and a portico. Unfortunately, only completely scattered remains of this structure have survived to this day, but, according to historians, there was a huge figure of Venus, made of bronze and covered with gold. Not far from the goddess was an equestrian statue of Caesar, made of the same materials. The ruler and his beloved did not ignore: an impressive portrait of Cleopatra became the decoration of one of the walls of the temple.

The temple itself was used by Caesar as a meeting place for politicians and important decisions. The Forum of Caesar was destroyed and rebuilt several times, until it was finally destroyed by the crowds of barbarians, who dragged the beautiful building to the stones.

From the workshops, too, only a few fragments remained, so one can only guess about the former grandeur of the square. Caesar's Forum is still in the center of Rome today. It is of great interest to those who study history.

Caesar's Forum Caesar's Forum Caesar's Forum Caesar's Forum
Caesar's Forum - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 41.894008
Longitude: 12.484936


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