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Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain – is one of the most famous and majestic fountains « Eternal City » Rome. It was designed by renowned architect Nicolo Salvi, at the request of Pope Clement Xll. This beauty, which fascinates thousands of tourists in our time, has been created for 30 years, starting in 1732. This is the largest fountain of all that are in Rome. It is just the most magnificent decoration of Palazzo Pauli, against the background of which it looks even more grandiose.

Its main source is the beating keys of clean water, which are thirteen kilometers from the city. This structure, filled with water, has dimensions of 20 meters wide and 26 meters high. The Trevi Fountain is reproduced for sea motifs, as evidenced by the mythical god Ocean ( in some literature you can find that it is Neptune ) that drives on a carriage sink, which is pulled by seahorses with newts. The sounds of falling water that pours down from the composition are very similar to the noise of the seashore. The local water is healing and tourists use it. There is a legend behind which three coins are thrown into the fountain water through the left shoulder, and only with the right hand – will certainly bring happiness. The first, abandoned coin in Trevi, promises the fountain guest to return to this wonderful city, the second promises to find his soulmate, well, and the third tells us to create a strong family. On one side of the fountain are small « love tubes » of which it is customary to drink water with your soulmate so that family ties are very strong. This ritual near the fountain is performed by all tourists, without exception. But once, in about the 18th century, this rite looked different, it was enough only to drink a glass of healing water from the fountain and you were provided with happiness. Now from the bottom of Trevi they extract weekly close 11,000 dollars, which go to the charity of the city.

Due to its beauty, the Trevi Fountain is often the hero of films, among them Roman Vacations, Sweet Life and others.

Also in 2004, this beautiful cultural monument was chosen as a symbol of the elections to the European Parliament. The flag of the European Union was set here, and the urn was determined so that it could vote. This action by the city government has attracted even more attention to the Trevi Fountain from travelers.

The great Trevi fountain is also worth a visit at night, when, thanks to unobtrusive backlight, it takes on a completely different look.

Trevi Fountain - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 41.900875
Longitude: 12.483167


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