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Stabiae — is an ancient city, the ruins of which can be observed in our time, because it is well preserved under a thick layer of a hot mixture from the eruption of Vesuvius. The ruins of the city are located on the coast of the Gulf of Naples, which is near the city of Castellammare di Stabia in modern Italy.

In the city of Stabia, there was a settlement of the wasps at one time, and after some time the city passed into the hands of the Roman Empire. In 89 BC the city of Stabia was completely destroyed, since there was a Allied War on its territory. Later, the city was never restored, but chic villas for the local nobility began to be built on its territory. After several years, this area has become a popular resort. This continued until 79, until the entire territory of the city was under the layer of the hot lava of the Vezuvi volcano. Together with Stabia, the volcano destroyed the city of Pompeii and Herculanum.

The lost city was discovered only in 1749 by R. J. Alcubierre, who conducted some excavations here from 1749 to 1782. After some time, work on excavations was suspended, and since 1950, interest in them resumed again. In 1957, a necropolis was discovered on the territory of the city of Stabia, where they found 300 burials belonging to the VII — III centuries BC. e.

The most famous villas in this area are Villa San Marco, whose area is approximately 11 thousand m2. Here, frescoes on the walls, mosaic tiles, as well as various sculptures were saved. Villa Pastukha ( Villa del Pastore ) – an interesting ancient building, the name of which was given thanks to the shepherd's figurine discovered on its territory, with a total area of 19,000 m2. She was found in 1967, but in our time, scientists have not completed work on her research. This building was not intended for housing, here, apparently, there was some kind of resort with mineral waters.

The largest courtyard is the Ariadne villa, which got its name because of the fresco placed here. In addition, an underground access to the sea, lasting close to 150 meters, was made from the territory of this chic villa.

Stabiae - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 40.7
Longitude: 14.483333


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