Roman Forum

The Roman Forum – is the oldest buildings of the Eternal City, where many years ago life was simply boiling. This world famous square, not one century was the economic, political, as well as cultural center of the empire. It was on this territory that the most important events took place, both the city itself and the entire state. This area was famous for its various fairs, open courts, religious ceremonies, as well as other vibrant events.

Roman Forum

And the history of the Roman Forum began in the imperial period. Ruler Tarquinj Ancient, manager in the VII – VI centuries BC, wanted to change the situation in the state and seriously took up the drainage of swamps in this territory. Here, construction work began to be actively carried out, sewage canaves to break out. The next step was the structure of the Forum, as a result of which new buildings began to appear on this area. Soon this territory was transformed beyond recognition, the Romans began to converge here to business meetings, negotiations, the local area permeated the spirit of a single state. The draft Rome Forum itself was originally planned taking into account the fact that this territory will be the center of the power. Thus, this area was divided into parts, among which there were zones for trade, worship of deities, negotiations, elections, as well as for various celebrations and ceremonies.

A little later, the Roman Forum turned into an economic and political center of the state. Here they began to build temples, pave roads. But at this time ( about the II century BC. ), the local structures were often used for other purposes. It was possible to observe ship meetings in basilica and adjacent squares, a treasury was in the temple of Saturn, and coins were minted in the temple of Juno. It was very fashionable in those hours to build sculptures that were dedicated to politicians. As a result, so many of them gathered on this square that the decision of the censors was to remove them. Later, before building any such figure or building, it was necessary to coordinate with the Senate, as well as get approval from the people. In the 1st century BC fighting of people took place at the site of the Roman Forum.

Roman Forum

All wars that ended in the victory of the Romans were also celebrated at the Rome Forum. In honor of such an event, triumphal arches were erected here, the material for the construction of which was stone. Often there was a bas-relief on the arches, which represented the battle scenes. Such arches have survived until our time, among which the arka Constantine, which was erected in honor of the victory over Maxencia in 315, has the best appearance. This area, in our time, attracts many tourists from all over the world. Curia looks very tempting where there were Senate meetings. At that time, the Senate was formed by 900 people who accommodated in these walls, as by our standards, then this building was not enough for their meeting. Of course, nothing was left of the initial construction of the time immemorial centuries, but during the leadership of the Mussolini country, a copy was built here, which can be admired.

No less important objects of the Roman Forum are the stands of dei Rostri, where the government spoke, the remains of the Basilica of Emilia, the ancient Cathedral of Saturn, as well as fragments of the Kurtz split.

In addition to the ruins of famous temples located on the territory of the <TAG1 Rome Forum> Dioskurov Cathedral, the Church of Divine Julia, the Temple of Vesta (, the local area also lures tourists with its heroic triumphal arches.

Getting to the Rome Forum will not be difficult, because it is located in the very center of modern Rome.

Roman Forum Roman Forum Roman Forum Roman Forum Roman Forum Roman Forum
Roman Forum - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 41.892534
Longitude: 12.485715


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