Palazzo Piccolomini

Palazzo Piccolomini in Siena is also called Palazzo Todeschini Piccolomini. This is a Renaissance style building in the city of Siena in the Tuscany region. It is located on the Banci di Sotto, on the corner of Via Rinaldini, up the hill and to the west of the Church of San Martino, the Loggia del Papa and the Palazzo delle Papesse, which was also built by a member of the Piccolomini family. The attraction is considered one of the most spectacular ancient mansions.

Palazzo Piccolomini

History of Palazzo Piccolomini

The building was erected for one of the most noble families of Siena in the 15th century. The initiators and ideological inspirers of the construction were the nephews of Pope Pius II, the brothers Piccolomini Todeschini. Bernardo Rossellino, the author of the Pope's most beloved architectural creations, was appointed chief architect. By the way, Palazzo Piccolomini is very reminiscent of the Palazzo in Pienza, designed by the same architect. The palace has similar features to the delightful Palazzo Medici and Rucellai, located in neighboring Florence.

Construction of the Palazzo began in 1460 and lasted more than 30 years. There are two Piccolomini palaces in Siena, but the second, to avoid confusion, is usually called the Palace of the Pope (it was erected by order of the sister of Pius II). At the end of the 17th century, the Piccolomini family was interrupted, and the ownerless building was rented to the Tolomei College, where the children of the Siena elite received the necessary education. A few decades later, the educational institution received its own building and vacated the rented space, and the city archive was moved into the mansion. At the end of the 19th century, the building was used by the Bank of Italy. The last restoration took place at the very end of the twentieth century. After this, the building acquired the status of a modern art center.

Palazzo Piccolomini

Description of the Piccolomini Palace

Today, the medieval building offers guests the opportunity to visit permanent exhibitions of works by contemporary artists and sculptors on the ground floor and temporary exhibitions located on the third floor. The floor between them is dedicated to a bookshop, famous for its amazing wooden covers for expense and tax books, painted by the best artists of Siena.

In the Palazzo Piccolomini there are also several frescoes of a later period, created in the neo-Renaissance style, which were commissioned by the board of the State Bank. The terrace on the third floor and the loggia on the roof of the palace will allow you to explore the ancient city from a bird's eye view, find the Siena Cathedral on your own and feel the spirit of the Renaissance.

Travelers who are alien to modern art can simply admire the clear lines of the three-story structure, made of cut stone, semicircular windows and coats of arms of the noble Piccolomini family. The site of Palazzo Piccolomini boasts columns by Marina.

Palazzo Piccolomini Palazzo Piccolomini
Palazzo Piccolomini - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.319058
Longitude: 11.332813


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