Dolomite Alps

The Dolomite Alps are an amazingly beautiful mountain range that belongs to Italy. It is an integral part of the entire system of the Limestone Alps and rises from the north-eastern part of the country, where the settlements of Trento, Belluno, etc. are located. The uniqueness of the Dolomite Alps lies in the fact that deposits of suspended stone rocks are acquired from cream to pink shades as soon as they are covered with sunlight.

Dolomite Alps

The mountain range is about 65 million years old, it was formed when coral reefs that arose at the bottom of the sea rose to the top.

Initially, the name of the mountain range sounded like Monti Pallidi, which means « Pale Mountains ». Among the local population there is a myth in which the mystery of the charming color of the mountain peaks is revealed. It suggests that the rocks covered the gnomes with a specially woven blanket, the material for which was moon rays to cheer the lunar princess that married the alpine prince.

Dolomite Alps

The name of the Dolomite Alps mountains went from the breed prevailing here, which acquired the name in the name of the scientist Deod de Dolomieux, who discovered this mineral.

This mountain range includes 18 rocky peaks, at least 3 thousand meters high. The entire area of the Dolomite Alps is gaining almost 16 thousand km2. As a result of the erosion process, the entire landscape of the area is presented in the form of bare stone cliffs, steep cliffs, as well as narrowed valleys. Such natural processes as insidious landslides, rapid avalanches, as well as extensive floods are quite common in the Dolomitovites region.

The most core of the Dolomites Alps is the mountains of Katinaccio, Marmolada, as well as the Alpe di Siusz plateau. Their surface is covered with centuries-old glaciers and snow cover. The slopes of the mountains are filled with forests, among which deciduous and pine trees, but the vast territory belongs to fabulous meadows.

With the advent of spring in this area, orchids bloom in violent color, of which there are more than 50 species.

As for the fauna, it is represented by surges, mountain goats, chamois, as well as bears and other animals. Among the mountains fly eagles, owls, woodpeckers, partridges, as well as many other feathered. Dolomite Alps are filled with fish, among which trout, which prefers clean water.

On the slopes of the Dolomite Alps there are many different villages that connect the railway. This wonderful area is sought to be tasted by many tourists who are lured by an active winter vacation.

Dolomite Alps Dolomite Alps Dolomite Alps Dolomite Alps Dolomite Alps Dolomite Alps
Dolomite Alps - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 46.95
Longitude: 11.766667


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