Botanical Garden of Pisa

The Botanical Garden of Pisa is recognized as one of the oldest in the world. The Italians say that when visiting this city, every tourist should visit the garden, located on an area of three hectares. The attraction belongs to the territory of the university, which you can visit any day.

Botanical Garden of Pisa

History of the Botanical Garden of Pisa

The idea of creation belongs to the famous botanist L. Guiney. After listening to Luke’s proposal, the famous Duke of the Medici family, Cosimo, decided to take on the financial expenses. The Botanical Garden of Pisa is the first in all of Europe to be part of a university.

This place has an interesting history. In 1563 it was moved from the garden belonging to the monastery of San Vito, closer to another monastery called San Marta. For a long time, this garden did not have its own place and was moved from one territory to another. This lasted for four years, until the area around Piazza Miracoli, where he settled in 1591, became his permanent place.

Botanical Garden of Pisa

Since that time, the Botanical Garden of Pisa began to systematically expand its collection, which can still be admired on the street. Via Luca Ghini, located next to the famous square. Piazza del Duomo. This location for the garden was chosen by Lorenzo Mazzang, a famous philanthropist at that time.

Description of the Botanical Garden of Pisa

Since its existence, the garden has housed a collection of plant objects, which today is a huge museum of the natural history of Pisa. Also on its territory you can visit the library, which is part of the huge university library. It is here that you can see the only collection containing portraits of everyone who has ever held the position of director of the garden. Also on the territory of the garden there is the first ever greenhouse created in Italy using metal frames.

Now the Botanical Garden of Pisa is divided into equal parts, each of which has many flower beds, ponds, greenhouses and structures. Various types of rare plants, including exotic species, are constantly grown in greenhouses. In addition, there is an arboretum here.

The main attraction is one of the oldest institutions, the construction of which dates back to 1591-1595. The façade of the building is decorated with shells and mosaics. From the moment of its creation, all plants were distributed according to a strictly established plan, on square-shaped lawns, divided into several small parts of various shapes. Over time, some proportions have changed, but despite this, the beauty of the original idea is visible even now.

Botanical Garden of Pisa Botanical Garden of Pisa Botanical Garden of Pisa Botanical Garden of Pisa Botanical Garden of Pisa Botanical Garden of Pisa
Botanical Garden of Pisa - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.719722
Longitude: 10.395833


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