Masada's ancient fortress rises above the coast of the Dead Sea. It is located in Israel on the desert, on the top of a separately standing rock. The end of the rock is a wide plateau, on which the buildings of the fortress are erected.


Masadu is surrounded on three sides of the rock, and from the side of the sea there is a path along which you can go up.

The fortress was built in the first century BCmonay, a little later it became the residence of King Herod the Great and served as a refuge for his family. During his government, he took care of strengthening the – fortress, he surrounded the entire peak with a stone wall, built 37 towers. And at the top he left a plot for cultivating the land in order to provide food. Inmates were carved in the stones to save water. We stored stockpiles of weapons, royal gold. There were many storage, residential, paramilitary buildings in the fortress, the infrastructure was well developed - palaces and baths were erected.


At the end of the 1st century AD, the fortress was the refuge of Jews who fought against Roman rule. Not wanting to surrender, 960 Jews committed suicide. Here the rebels erected a synagogue, which was the oldest in Israel.

After the fall of Masada, a Roman garrison was placed here, and a hundred years later they forgot about it.

Until the 19th century, the Masada fortress was empty, and in 1966 it was opened as a national historical and archaeological park. After restoration work, Masada Fortress is a real city with the infrastructure of that time. In the fortress, the palace of King Herod with fragments of the mosaic was preserved.

Since 2001, Masada has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Due to historical events, the Masada fortress today is a symbol of Israel, personifying courage and heroism, freedom and independence.

At the top of the fortress, the military takes the oath with the words « Masada will no longer fall ». At the base of the mountain, a museum was opened in which household items found during excavations are presented.

From the height of Masada, you can consider the sights of the historical past, as well as admire the beauty of the sea and desert. You can climb to the top of the fortress by walking along a narrow path or using a funicular.

Before visiting the Masada fortress, it is necessary to take into account the temperature regime, so it is better to go on an excursion in spring or autumn. Care must be taken for the supply of water, as it is rare there.

Masada Masada Masada Masada Masada Masada
Masada - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 31.315556
Longitude: 35.353611


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