Brief description of the country

Indonesia is ranked 4th in the world in terms of population and 14th in terms of territory. More than 275 million people live in the Southeast Asian country. The area of the state is almost 2 million square kilometers. Translated from Greek, the name of the state means island India. It is located between China and Australia. It includes more than 17 thousand islands.

It is associated with spices. For many centuries, Indonesia has been supplying various countries with pepper, cloves and other spices. Also, the republic is a platform for growing rice, tobacco, coffee. The climate is equatorial. The best time to travel is between May and October. The average temperature is +30°C. The rainy season starts in November and ends in March.

The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. Bali is considered the most visited island. There is a belief that Bali grants wishes. In the country, you can sunbathe on the beach, surf, yoga and visit spa treatments. As a memory of the trip, you can bring silver, fabrics, porcelain, jewelry with pearls.

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