Sanur is a coastal region of Bali; Pantai Sanur Beach is recognized as its calling card. It is also one of the most popular tourist sites on the island. Previously, European artists came here in search of inspiration, now everyone can come to Sanur. And, as a rule, people do not regret the trip.



Sanur Beach is located in the southeastern part of Bali. It is believed that its length reaches 5-7 kilometers. In fact, this is a little different: the beach is only 1.5 kilometers long. Further on stretches the coastline with the same name. The width of the beach ranges from 10 to 40 meters.

The amazingly soft yellow sand creates a special luxury of the coastal strip. It is noteworthy that the beach was filled in relatively recent times. The previous black volcanic sand did not attract tourists much, so the local authorities decided to improve the territory and they were right: now there is no end to tourists in Sanur.


Advantages of Sanur

In a cozy place there are many villas and houses with several bedrooms, which is very convenient for groups of travelers or large families. Here you can rent a car and explore other cities much easier than in the busy south. And if you want to completely relax, you can use the services of local travel agencies.

The gentle entrance to the sea and the absence of waves are perfect for swimmers of any skill level, or rather the lack thereof. Babies, their mothers and grandmothers feel great in shallow water. Although it can be quite boring for fathers to look for a deep place to enjoy some real swimming. But the locals are not at all worried about this: they settle down in the water, sitting or even lying down, without worrying about the reverse current. It has one of the best maintained walking paths along the seashore, which especially attracts travelers who like to enjoy leisurely strolls in Sanur in the mornings and evenings with strollers or on bicycles.

Things to do

People come to Sanur to enjoy the hot sun and warm sea water in fairly calm conditions. This is not a place for windsurfers or disc lovers. They will be bored in the quiet sea and will miss the large number of nightclubs. Things are a little better with diving and snorkeling. But the local marine world cannot boast of great diversity. But the sunrises amaze with their magnificence, so the beach is simply dotted with professional photographers and amateurs with point-and-shoot cameras and phones.

Sanur is great for practicing yoga and gymnastics against the backdrop of beautiful seascapes, and here you can also ride a local boat called “jukung” or fish from it in the open sea, feeling like a fisherman of the 10th-11th centuries. And the chefs from any nearby cafe will help you prepare the catch. For connoisseurs of more modern recreation, there is the opportunity to ride over the water with parachutes, ride jet skis and bananas, and fly over the water with a special backpack.

The beach also cannot boast of attractions, but in the surrounding area you can see the Andrian Le Mayer Museum, a 10th-century temple, a dolphinarium, and a night market with original Indonesian food, which is slightly different from the usual Thai and even Vietnamese. However, you can’t count on long shopping; at 10 o’clock the market closes until the morning.

Sanur Sanur Sanur Sanur Sanur Sanur
Sanur - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -8.68
Longitude: 115.26


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