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The city of miniatures of the Madurodam is the largest miniature park in the world and is located in the Netherlands. Madurodam is a typical city of this country, only on a scale of 1 to 25, which is located in the sea resort town of Scheveningen, which is one of the areas of The Hague.

Here exhibits corresponding to natural ones were selected, for the construction of some years went. The maintenance staff of this park, Madurodam, consists of 35 people, these people also engaged in its construction. Plastic served as materials for the presented miniatures, and here the local greens – real, are selected from dwarf varieties of trees, shrubs. Thanks to the constant haircut and care of gardeners –, the vegetation height does not exceed 60 centimeters. This charming park in Holland was created in 1952. His story, unfortunately, is sad, since it was built by the Madurodam not only for entertainment, but is also a memorial to the victims of fascism, as well as a charity foundation. It is also erected as a memory of the young man George Maduro, a native of Curacao. While studying at the legal institution, he actively participated in actions that are aimed at Resistance to fascism. Tragic death found him in the famous Dachau concentration camp. People born to a guy decided to create a miniature city of Baconfield in memory of the deceased, where they also placed a model of his house and a small monument to George. The architect Sib Jan Baum led this unusual building for the support of the mayor of The Hague, who provided land for this museum for long-term rent. Financial assistance was also provided by a variety of organizations.

The festive opening of this park took place in 1952. This town did not freeze in time, as soon as it appears where – or an interesting structure in Holland, a copy of it immediately arises 25 times reduced. Today's Madurodam is filled with many structures, including houses, bridges, mills, planes, trains, as well as charming nature. Walking through the streets of the park, one cannot help but notice the Utrecht Tower, which even the reduced reaches 4.5 meters high, as well as the charming Cathedral of St. John, a copy of which is located in Hertogenbosch. The streets of this town are not empty, people walk here, who are also of a reduced look. There are markets here, among which beloved tourists are the cheese market of Alkmaar. On the main square, as expected, is the royal palace. The entire miniature city, like its twin brother, is divided into quarters. In order not to get lost in exhibits, in front of the entrance to the park, you can purchase a card where all its objects are printed. This city is surrounded by many canals filled with water, a model of which are the water channels of Amsterdam and Utrecht. There is also a port with a wooden steamboat, which is reproduced in the smallest detail in the port of Rotterdam.

To fully enjoy visiting the park, you need to purchase coins with which you can set in motion the local mills, trains, as well as Gullivera.

The life of the night Madurodam is impressive with the lights that he lights up on a dark time. 50,000 bulbs illuminate houses, streets and create a simple fabulous effect.

A variety of shops operate in the park, where souvenirs can be purchased as a keepsake. In local cafes and restaurants you can enjoy typical Dutch dishes. Getting to the city of miniatures of the Madurods is not a problem, since the Madurodam is very famous and public transport goes to it.

Madurodam - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 52.0995
Longitude: 4.2975


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