Königssee Lake

Königssee Lake – is an incredibly beautiful lake that stands out for its emerald greenish shade of water. You feel like just a hero of a fairy tale, standing on a rocky shore, which is so reminiscent of the coast of Scandinavian fjords. Königsee Lake is located in the southeastern part of Germany on the border with Autria, namely in Shenau. Translated, Shenau sounds like « the beautiful valley ».

Königssee Lake

Here's nature, to our time, managed to convey the pristine appearance. Saturated forests, in the middle of the highlands, beloved alpine meadows, fresh air, all these components simply provide an unforgettable vacation in this area.

The mountain landscape of this area is complemented by ancient farms and various places for recreation. Königsze Lake is certainly a pearl among these natural resources. It is part of the Berchtesgaden National Park, which is organized to preserve pristine nature. The beauty of its shores and the amazingly transparent water of emerald color lure many tourists to themselves.

Königssee Lake

The Königsee lake is very small, but deep enough, compared with the deepest lakes in Europe.

You can hear how Königsee is also called Bartolomsee, which means Lake St. Bartholomew, since it really holds an old church with domes, which can only be tasted by walking on the water. This holy building is located on the island of the lake and is its most important attraction. Not far from it, you can also see the ice chapel, which does not melt even in the summer and the castle where the Bavarian kings were going to hunt.

Due to the fact that the lake is located among the huge steep cliffs, it has an amazing acoustics: if you shout hard, you can hear the pure echo more than once. Walking through the water surface on a local boat, the guide usually demonstrates this phenomenon by playing on the pipe, some kind of melody.

The Germans are very reverent about the natural wealth of Lake Königsee, carefully taking care of them. Water is rich enough for flora and wildlife, among which you can meet the rarest exhibits. For example, there is a blue edelweiss, and a considerable number of fishing enthusiasts are in a hurry to catch trout and charms.

In warm summer, guests of this region enjoy swimming and fishing. But in winter, active vacationers come here, who take the advantage of skiing, ice skating, curling. In addition, the local clean air, mineral waters and a favorable climate have a positive impact on human health and well-being.

Königsee Lake has all the conditions for a comfortable stay, because there are cozy cafes and restaurants, shops, boarding houses, hotels, as well as various entertainment facilities.

Königssee Lake Königssee Lake Königssee Lake Königssee Lake Königssee Lake Königssee Lake
Königssee Lake - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 47.55
Longitude: 12.975


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