Havana Revolution Museum Havana Revolution Museum Havana Revolution Museum Havana Revolution Museum

Havana Revolution Museum

The Museum of the Revolution is located in the historical center of Havana in Cuba. In the past, the museum’s buildings were composed of the presidential palace complex, which served as a residence for the ruling presidents of this camp. In 1974, a museum was created here in order to preserve the history of Cuba, in particular the important events of the country of 1950-1960. Prior to that, it was placed in an old castle. After restoration, the museum acquired the style of neoclassicism.

In the Museum of the Revolution on two floors there are 38 exhibition halls in which all exhibits are arranged according to the chronology of events. Also here are exhibits dedicated to the revolutionary events of Cuba in 1950-1960, pre-revolutionary Cuba and the war for independence.

The first two halls contain objects that reflected the struggle of the indigenous population against the invaders from Spain. The following halls, called « National Liberation War », are dedicated to the military events of 1956-1959, when the Cubans fought against the rule of Fulhensio Batista.

The Museum of the Revolution exhibited figures of revolutionaries depicted in natural growth, corresponding to real military situations, objects that they used, clothes of heroes stained with blood.

Special buildings have been opened to study the relics of Ernesto Che Guevaro’s campaign in Bolivia, which store objects of a hero man who help present his image. The most valuable – are the medical tools that he used to save the wounded.

Near all exhibits of the museum are plates with information in English and Spanish. Through the exhibitions provided, the heroism of the Cuban freedom fighters is emphasized. In one of the museum’s halls there is a museum shop where you can buy items and clothes for sale.

In the park next to the Museum of the Revolution there is a memorial. Here is a yacht, three jeeps, and tanks converted from tractors on which the rebels reached the island. The yacht is located under a glass sarcophagus, fire is constantly on here and there is an honor guard. At the very exit from the park, a Monument to the Eternal Heroes of the New Motherland was erected.

The revolutionary spirit of Cuba is felt throughout the Museum of the Revolution.

Havana Revolution Museum - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 23.1416669
Longitude: -82.356667


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