Brief description of the country

Cuba is recognized as the largest island in the Caribbean Sea and covers an area of 105 thousand square kilometers. More than 11 million people live here. This is the birthplace of Ernesto Che Guevara. Ernest Hemingway loved Cuba, he repeatedly wrote that he felt like a Cuban.

In society, Cuba is called the country of vintage cars and rum. It is best to come here from November to April, because the rest of the time falls on the rainy season. The sun shines brightly here, so you should take sunglasses and cream when traveling. These funds should be used even in cloudy weather.

The entire coastline of the island is magnificent, and the sea water is clear, you can go diving. In Havana, you can also enjoy the ancient architecture of the capital. In Santiago de Cuba, you can walk through historical Cuban places and listen to street musicians. In Remedios, it is recommended to visit the Carnival Museum. In addition, ecotourism is popular in Cuba. There are 14 national parks and more than 20 biosphere reserves in the country.

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