Brief description of the country

Bolivia is called an Indian state, because most of the indigenous people are the Quechua and Aymara peoples. The population exceeds 12 million people. The country was named after freedom fighter Simon Bolivar. The territory of South America is over 1 million square kilometers. This allows it to take 27th place in the list of countries by area after Ethiopia.

Sucre is recognized as the capital, but the actual government operates in La Paz. The paradox is that Bolivia has many resources, but people live in poverty. Vacationing here is cheap. Hiking and cycling, desert jeep tours, and boat trips are popular among travelers. You can see llamas grazing and bananas and pineapples growing.

Locals advise visiting Bolivia from late spring to mid-autumn, because the rainy season is from October to March. Most tourists can be found in August. Even in winter it is not cold in Bolivia, the average temperature in this season is +21° C. And in summer it rises to +34° C.

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