Brief description of the country

Austria ranks 98th in terms of population and 113th in terms of area in the world. This is a state in Central Europe with a population of more than 8 million people and an area of almost 84,000 km2. The official language is German. Cash payments are made in euros.

The name of the country in translation from the ancient German language means "Eastern State". The name Austria has been mentioned since 996. It is divided into 9 federal states. The climate is temperate, but since 70% of the country is occupied by the Alps, temperature changes are inevitable. Most often, tourists come here in winter to ski and snowboard. Museum tours and ecotourism are popular in spring. In summer, you can relax on the beaches, visit gastronomic festivals and arrange profitable shopping. In July, big sales start in stores. In autumn there is little rain, you can go for a walk in the mountains.

The favorite drink of the Austrians is beer. Traditional local dishes are made from beef and pork with a variety of vegetables. Baking is no less popular. Apple strudel is loved here.

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