The Netherlands

Brief description of the country

The Netherlands is called a European state with free morals, a rich history and a large selection of excursions. The capital is Amsterdam, the official language is Dutch. Many are fluent in English.

Festivals often take place in this country. One of the largest carnivals is the celebration of Mardi Gras. April 27 is widely celebrated as King's Day. During the celebration of this national holiday, people dress in orange clothes. The flower parade is also popular. In May, the Keukenhof park opens, where about a million flowers are collected. In the Netherlands, ancient castles and fortresses have been preserved. This is Van Gogh's birthplace. In museums, you can get acquainted with the paintings of famous classics and contemporary artists. You can relax on the beach. But you need to carefully choose places, as you can run into nudists.

The national park De Hoge Veluwe is considered the pride of the country. It is distinguished by a variety of relief. You can see deer and roe deer grazing. For convenience, you can rent a bicycle.

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