Sri Lanka

Brief description of the country

Sri Lanka is an island state in South Asia with an area of more than 65.5 thousand square kilometers. Until 1972, the country was called Ceylon, Sri Lanka in Sanskrit sounds like "blessed land." According to the latest data, over 21 million people live here.

The country is famous for its historical and natural attractions, tea, seafood, and beach holidays. Sri Lanka has been nicknamed a surfer's paradise, a cozy place to spend the winter in warmer climes. The climate is subequatorial, monsoonal. When planning a trip, keep in mind that the dry season lasts from November to February, and then the rainy season starts.

Locals are friendly to travelers. They celebrate every full moon, but this does not affect the work of shops, cafes and restaurants. The country celebrates Independence Day, New Year, Easter, Labor Day and Christmas on a large scale. In addition to surfing, yoga on the beach, rafting, safaris in national parks, hiking, swimming and snorkeling with turtles, sailing and dancing in nightclubs are popular.

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