Brief description of the country

Peru is the 19th largest country in the world. The area of the country covers more than 1 million square kilometers in South America. The population is over 33 million people. It is believed that people began to live in Peru as early as the 10th millennium BC. The popularity of Peru among travelers is due to the secrets and mysteries of ancient civilizations. Many ancient temples have survived to this day.

Peru is warm all year round, and the heat begins in December and ends in April. Summer is considered a favorable period for visiting mountainous regions and selva. For a holiday on the coast, you can choose the time from December to March. The coastline of Peru is almost 2.5 thousand kilometers.

If you plan to go for a walk in the jungle, you must bring closed clothing made from natural fabrics and hats. Light-colored clothing can attract the attention of insects. Even in hot weather, you need to have a windbreaker. In some areas, it starts getting colder after sunset.

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