Meshchyora National Park

Meshchera is a national park in the Vladimir region, founded in 1992. It was created to sinter the natural complex. Park occupies 1189 km2, which includes part of the land that various owners ( manage approximately 39% ). The landscape of the park has been formed a very long time and represents a swamp forest steppe.

Meshchyora National Park

The climate of the park is characterized by hot summers and pronounced winters. The reserve is filled with rivers and lakes. The territory of the park belongs to the pool of the Oka River. In the vicinity, the two most basic – Buzha and its influx of Paul flow. In addition to these rivers, less are flowing: Goose, Tasa, Karaslitz, Posder, Shurok, Pynsur, etc. On one side of the park, Buzha flows into a lake called Holy, part of which ( 200 ha ) belongs to the Medcher's reserve. Other water bodies with a total area of 600 hectares are located on the park. The cave has long been considered an unusual edge of dense forests, the number of rivers of that lake. There are many legends, behind which mermaids, water, wood, and even the Nightingale-robber nearby were found in the Mesher. Many poets, musicians, artists in their creations described this unusual land.

The flora of the Meshcher National Park is very rich. It is represented mainly by forests that are in the transition zone from taiga to broad-leaved. There are magnificent oak groves, pine forests, birch groves, as well as a wide variety of bushes: mountain ash, raspberries, lingonberries, rose hips, potassium. Deep of forests, damped by green mosses, among which blueberries and lingonberries will be born. Plant families are represented by a person, cloves, legumes, cabbage, luteal, Norichnik, etc. From a long time this area was famous for many animals and birds. A huge forest swamp area serves as a home and reliable shelter for a small number of varieties of large mammals, as well as birds. Especially numerous are – hare, fox, boar, elk, beaver, ermine. Among birds, a crane, a rower, a cob, a church, etc. are quite common. More rare are stork, heron, partridge, etc. Among the reptiles – lizards, dinners, vipers. As well as amphibians: newts, frogs, etc. Lakes and rivers are filled with fish - carrion, roach, perch, pike perch, caras.

Meshchyora National Park

On the territory of the Medshcher reserve, traces of the habitat of an ancient person here are found, which belong to III-II thousand BC. The findings of archaeologists are located in the museum of the village of Perovo. A mandatory point, when visiting the park, should be the famous Khrustal Museum, because this region has long been famous for the production of crystal products.

It also developed environmental routes to the most picturesque places of the Meshcher park. They can be carried out by car, on foot or by water. Route paths are arranged by arbors for relaxation with comfortable springs and bonfires. You can also go to the Meshchersky National Park, located next to the Ryazan region.

In winter, you may be offered to go skiing or celebrate the famous oil industry.

Meshchyora National Park Meshchyora National Park Meshchyora National Park Meshchyora National Park Meshchyora National Park Meshchyora National Park
Meshchyora National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 55.561111
Longitude: 40.253889


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