Walgrode Bird Park Walgrode Bird Park Walgrode Bird Park Walgrode Bird Park

Walgrode Bird Park

Walsrode Bird Park is one of the largest bird parks in the world and the largest in Europe. Located near the city of Valgrode ( Germany, Lower Saxony ), between Hanover and Hamburg. Park area - 0.24 km2. The park has about 4,500 birds belonging to 675 species from all over the world; In addition, in the spring, about three million pieces of decorative flowering plants are grown in the park. Thus, « Valgrode » is both a bird park and a botanical garden. Thanks to this, more than 300,000 people visit the park.

The history of the park begins in 1962, when businessman Fritz Geshke begins to engage in the cultivation of pheasants and waterfowl. In 1964, his work continues already by son Wolf V. Brema. In a few years, he has been creating a real park, which in 1968 was open for visiting. Since 2000, the park began to have difficult times. There were fewer and fewer visitors, money for the maintenance and development of the park was sorely lacking. So far, in 2009, the Belgian company Floralux has not intervened. And already in 2010, the Bird Park « Valgrode » received official international status.

Today, the main attraction of the city of Valgrode - Bird Park « Valgrode » is the largest bird park in the world in terms of occupied space and the second in the world in the number of bird species, giving way only to a park in Singapore. The park is a huge amount of internal and external aviaries, and several open buildings containing birds. In addition, the visitor can observe the life of the park's pets in the natural environment, without any enclosures, in free flight. A special appeal among visitors is the demonstration of flights of different birds – this is a whole show in which eagles and falcons, parrots, pelicans and Indian ducks demonstrate their flight. For children there is an opportunity to participate in the feeding and upbringing of young birds.

A huge number of diverse birds attract the attention of travelers and ornithologists from around the world. In the park you can see besides pigeons, cranes, geese, parrots and pelicans - pink flamingos, eagles, jacquo, gulls, cuckoos, penguins, storks. On the territory you can find delightful crowned cranes, amazing birds with a large nose in the form of a boot - shukhshnabel, snow-white and multi-colored peacocks, Javanese whistlingbirds, falcons, Indian ducks, ostriches. Here they found shelter colorful parrots: hyacinth and blue-fed ara, yellow-tailed cacada, Cuban Amazons, red-haired Amazons, black-cheeked fig parrots and many others. No less delight visitors to the park and capsic tweet, onions, rock cockerel, capuchin, gogol.

The park has many external and internal aviaries, there are also several open-type buildings in which birds are naturally contained. Recently, park workers created the “ Hummingbird House ”, which instantly gained popularity among visitors to the park of all ages.

Every year, tourists come to see birds, admire the most beautiful plants, take a walk in the enchanting exotic places of the park. For visitors to the Valgrode bird park, shows with birds have been specially created, which are especially enthusiastic among small spectators. Valgrode Bird Park harmoniously combines the amazing effects of the diversity of sounds, bright colors, lush shrubs, unusual plants, unique trees, water bodies, pleasant smells.

Walgrode Bird Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 52.880915
Longitude: 9.602908


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