Brief description of the country

Mali is the second largest country in West Africa. Its area is more than 1.2 million square kilometers. More than 19 million people live here. Most of the population is Muslim.

The official language is French. But almost everyone in Mali speaks Bambara. The dialect is recognized as a means of communication between different language groups. English is spoken by workers in the tourism industry. In Mali, the ancient traditions of African tribes have been preserved. For example, when local residents have problems in various areas (from illness to a quarrel with relatives), they go to consult with marabou (shamans).

The climate in the country is tropical continental. During the year, the temperature is kept at the level of +35°С to +40°С. It gets very cold at night in the deserts. The rainy season starts in summer and, depending on the area, can last 4-5 months.

A lot of holidays are held in autumn in Mali. For example, at this time of the year, the return of livestock is celebrated in a big way. Traditional ceremonies are held in the country, you can listen to the musicians sing, watch the show of dancers.

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