Chapel San Severo

The Chapel San Severo is considered the most popular tourist attraction in Naples. This building is almost impossible not to notice, because next to it there is always a large number of people who want to see the chapel from the inside.

Chapel San Severo

History of the Chapel San Severo

It was built in early 1590, and its creation is associated with real miracles. Local residents say that one day, along the building that used to be the site of the Chapel of San Severo, a prisoner was shackled and was accused of murder, but he was innocent. This man noticed crumbling plaster on the wall, and the image of the Virgin Mary miraculously appeared in this place. After what he saw, he swore that if justice was done during the trial and he was found innocent, he would present the temple with a gift in the form of a silver medallion. He was acquitted, after which the former prisoner fulfilled his promise.

By the way, he was not the only person who saw the face of the Holy Virgin on the walls of the old building. The first local duke, Giovanni Francesco Paolo de Sangro, had a similar experience, who, seeing the face of the Holy Virgin, said a prayer, after which he managed to be healed of a serious illness. In gratitude to the Holy Virgin, the Duke built a temple on the site of a dilapidated building.

Chapel San Severo

Secrets that have survived to this day

There are many legends associated with the Capella San Severo, one of which says that the building is part of the Virgin Mary and was once considered a Masonic temple. When studying the arrangement of decorative elements in the chapel, scientists were able to discover several encrypted symbols that were used by Freemasons in ancient times, which confirms the legend. But the main miracle stored in the Chapel of San Severo are the numerous works of art, the most popular of which is Christ under the shroud. The sculpture was created by a young sculptor of that time, Giuseppe San Marino, who at the time of its creation was still an unknown creator. This is such an amazingly delicate and talented work that it’s difficult to look at it; all the folds, like the fabric, are like stone.

But not only this sculpture is worthy of attention. Also of great interest in the Chapel of San Severo are such sculptures as “Education”, “Divine Love”, “Propriety”, “Chastity”, “Extraction from Enchantment” and other equally amazing creations. All of them can amaze even the most demanding critics, because given their antiquity, it is difficult to imagine how such work could be done.

Chapel San Severo - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 40.84919
Longitude: 14.25488


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