Lake Tanganyika

Tanganyika is Africa's largest lake, located in 4 states: Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia and Congo. In addition, it is one of the most deep-sea lakes with a maximum depth of 1470 meters. In depth, second only to Baikal.

Lake Tanganyika

According to one version, the name of the lake comes from the word "Etanga Yanya", which in translation from the language of the Bemba tribe means "capacity with water and a large number of fish". Tanganyika has outstanding characteristics, in addition to its vast depth, the lake stretches for 676 kilometers, being the longest lake in the world. 64.8 km flow into Tanganyika3 water, with only 3.6 km3 ( 5.6% ) flows through the Lukugu River, all other water evaporates in a hot climate.

Tanganyika has a huge concentration of hydrogen sulfide, so there is no life deeper than two hundred meters. In the rest of the part there are a lot of rare fish, out of 200 species of fish found in Lake 170 not to be found in a natural environment. This is due to the fact that the lake has been isolated for millions of years and has not dried up. You can also see hippos, crocodiles, all kinds of shellfish and crayfish. Many fish from the lake can be seen in our aquariums.

Lake Tanganyika

Recently, the beauty of Lake Tanganyika destroys man with industrial and agricultural waste. Sometimes it comes to absurdity. In Burundy, due to the lack of basic sewage and water supply, residents relieve themselves of need for a lake and take water from here to cook food and drink. In this regard, foci of infectious diseases often appear in Burundy. Another environmental problem is imported plant species. For example, water hyacinth, growing on the surface of the water, does not allow sunlight to go to the depth, which causes underwater plants to die, and the oxygen balance is disturbed. Fish have to migrate further, or die due to lack of oxygen.

Tourism is quite well developed on the lake. In picturesque bays you can find small hotels, exotic lovers can settle in stylized huts.

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Lake Tanganyika - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -5.5
Longitude: 29.5


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