Brief description of the country

Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia. Its area is more than 180 thousand square kilometers. The population exceeds 16 million people. The official language is Khmer. In the cities, many people speak English and French.

Cambodia is called a country of contrasts, because here poverty is adjacent to luxury. In Cambodia, there are temples with a thousand-year history. Most of the attractions are located in Angkor. It is called the temple city. It is worth paying attention to the fact that there are many monkeys here. Animals are friendly, but you need to be vigilant, otherwise they can pick up things left unattended.

You can come to Cambodia at any time of the year. The climate is tropical. Summer in the country lasts from April to October. The heat is set from April to May. At this time, the temperature can reach +42°С.

Most rains are in August and September. These are usually intermittent showers. It rarely rains for days on end. During this season, the area of ​​Lake Tonle Sap increases 5 times. Its depth is about 9 meters. Locals catch not only fish, but also snakes and crocodiles.

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