Marble Mountains at Danang

The Marble Mountains of Danang consist of five peaks. In the Vietnamese name of the mountains is "Nui Ngu Han Song", which translates as the Mountains of the five elements. The largest mountain is the "water", the southern one is the "tree", the western one is the "land", and its southwestern group is metal and fire. In addition to decor, the color in each mountain individually corresponds to the shade of the element that it represents.

Marble Mountains at Danang

Climate of the region

Travelers can have many sunny days to explore the cultural and natural places of the Sea Mountains in the dry season. It lasts from January to July, with an average temperature of 25 ° C. From late August to December it becomes cooler, and rainfall is gradually increasing. Early in the morning and late in the evening - two of the best time to climb the Marble Mountains at Danang. Mountains then become an oasis of calm, magic lights and indescribable nature.

Three visits of the emperor

Min Man may not have been the emperor who visited the Marble Mountains most of all in history, but over the 20 years of his reign he came here three times. Its first time was in 1825, and during that he built the steps leading to the Water Mountain, and distributed many precious things as gifts. During the second visit, two years later, he sends the monks 9 Buddha statues and 3 large bells. For the last time in 1837, all marble mountains were renamed in accordance with five elements.

Marble Mountains at Danang

Festival in the mountains

Kuan Am or the Goddess of Mercy is the largest traditional festival in Danang. This religious event was initiated by the monk Tich Phap Nhan, who accidentally discovers a rock formation that has the same shape as the goddess in the 1950s. Then many Buddhists come to this sculpture to pray, especially on her birthday or death. Today, for many reasons, the Quan The Am « festival is modernized » and has become one of the largest in the Sea Mountains and even in the city.

Museum of Ancient Sewriters

Since the 15th century, Marble Mountains have become a Buddhist center and the famous national landscape. He attracts many writers, poets, followers of Buddhism, pilgrims, lords and emperors of Nguyen who come to visit and pray. Many of them left their artworks on the walls of caves. They hired artists in the village of Non Nuok at the foot of the mountains to engage in carvings and thereby allow them to exist for a long time.

Marble Mountains at Danang Marble Mountains at Danang Marble Mountains at Danang Marble Mountains at Danang Marble Mountains at Danang Marble Mountains at Danang
Marble Mountains at Danang - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 16
Longitude: 108.26


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