Puzzlewood – is a mysterious area that is 130 km from London. It is endowed with unusual properties that are confirmed by the ability to transfer people to a fairy tale, where wizards or hobbits are located.


Many years have passed since the rules of the Roman Empire, in which miners of iron ore, as well as coal and limestone, were located here. After completion of work, the edges were overgrown with mosses, as well as trees. But, nevertheless, the Pazlwood forest also saves until our time traces of repeated underground work. Similar underground mazes are not found anywhere else in the world, they are characteristic only for the area of Gloucestershire. Around the 19th century, unique stone paths arose in this territory, with a total length of 1.5 km, which the former owner laid for a wonderful pastime of his friends and children here.

Nowadays, 5.7 hectares of forest look the same as before, with the exception of beautiful benches, souvenir shops, a playground and, of course, a cafe. For the smallest visitors to Pazlwood, a pony ride is provided. The circumference of the Pazlwood forest is farms.


The entrance to the park area is paid for both adults and children.

Translated into Russian, the name of this forest sounds like a mysterious forest. From a long time this area is surrounded by mystery, which is given various forms of stones, densely overgrown with moss, hidden cave entrances and, of course, ancient trees. This unusual forest belongs to the oldest British forests, which belong to the 17th century.

The fabulous natural world is often visited by photography enthusiasts. This place is also chosen by cinematographers for their work.

Throughout the year, the forest changes its appearance. In spring, it is filled with greenery of young leaves, as well as amazing bird singing. A little later, at the height of spring, this area will turn into a wonderful color of blue bells. In the summer, huge fern shrubs are observed here, and all the air penetrates with the unobtrusive aroma of wild garlic. In autumn, this territory boasts an abundance of mushrooms, which cover the oldest stumps. The fluffy moss carpet has been present here all year, but it looks especially beautiful during the rains.

As for the animal world, Pazlwood inhabits a large number of different birds, here you can also meet badgers, foxes and many other four-legged ones.

This wonderful green place is best visited by the whole family, because for little kids, Pasnold will seem like a real fairy tale that they will never forget.

Puzzlewood Puzzlewood Puzzlewood Puzzlewood Puzzlewood Puzzlewood
Puzzlewood - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 51.778889
Longitude: -2.614444


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