Garden of Leonardslee Garden of Leonardslee Garden of Leonardslee Garden of Leonardslee

Garden of Leonardslee

Leonardslee – is the most visited garden in the UK, where many beautiful flowers are collected, including rhododendrons, azalea. These charming plants have a wide variety of views, from very small bushes to huge trees. Especially in the spring, this area turns into a crowded territory, which means that here these beautiful flowers bloomed.

The Leonardsley Garden has a very effective look, its fame has gone far beyond the borders of the country. On its territory there are not only a variety of flowers, but forest landings, lakes, which count as many as seven here.

The flowering peak in Leonardsley falls on May for a month, but this flowering season begins in April, when magnolias, daffodils, and camellias flourish. The next flowering wave spreads the famous rhododendrons and azaleas, which can be seen both along the ponds and throughout the park. The collection of these wonderful flowering plants – is one of the best in the world.

In summer, the Leonardsley Garden is also very tempting. During this period, trees and shrubs bloom in the park, which have a more calm flower bed, but are also very attractive. The decayed local field flowers, as well as the grown plants near rivers and lakes, look romantic.

The autumn time in the park is very colorful. Here, gray everyday life of this time of year is not felt, because everything burns with a variety of colors.

On the territory of Leonardsley, you can also meet animals that carelessly roam the local lands. And this is not surprising, because the park is not limited to flowers, since in natural conditions, various trees and shrubs grow, and there are also wonderful lakes. Back in 1889, a special type of kangaroo-vallabi was brought into the Leonardsley garden, who take care of local grass so that it does not have to be mowed.

Here you can also meet the noble deer that are found in deer territories. Local lakes lure a variety of birds. Here, in mirror bodies of water, black wild swans are painted with themselves, as well as flocks of migratory geese and ducks.

In the park area, guests are given various exhibitions, a very high level. Among them, an exhibition of miniatures called « Doll House » seems interesting and exciting. The guests of the garden, the Bonsii exposition, represented by Ken and Ann Norman, cannot but like the guests of the garden. These exhibits regularly take prizes at flower exhibitions that take place in Chelsea. It also houses a collection of the very first cars that are active.

In the local nursery there is the opportunity to purchase the favorite species of plants.

Garden of Leonardslee - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 51.0198
Longitude: -0.26


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