Củ Chi tunnels

Củ Chi tunnels – is a rather unusual place that tourists visit very often. This attraction was erected in the middle of the 20th century, when war was taking place in Vietnam. At that time, this city’s remarkableness served as a powerful defensive complex. Today, peacetime has come in this country, and the tunnels serve as a popular tourist attraction.

Củ Chi tunnels

It just strikes the scale of this architectural structure. Here, curious travelers can get acquainted with many elements of household appliances, as well as military supplies of soldiers.

From the very first days of the tunnel’s existence, it had dimensions of about 150 km, but in the 60s its length increased by another 50 km. Here, in the dungeon, there were three levels, where in addition to the equipped premises for stockpiles of weapons and food products, military lounges were located, a hospital, headquarters and kitchens were equipped.

Củ Chi tunnels

The Kuchi tunnels – is not just an equipped underground town, this is the place where more than one hundred people were saved in due time.

It is simply striking that during the Vietnam War, the effective headquarters of the opponents were located on the surface directly above the tunnel, but they did not even know about the underground life of Vietnamese soldiers. After some time, the underground military city was declassified, as a result of which part of the moves was destroyed. However, this huge tunnel made a great contribution to the victory.

Nowadays, sightseers can only consider 50 m of underground city, but despite this, the tunnel is simply a huge success for travelers in Vietnam.

What attracts many tourists in this underground structure so much that it is located among the forest. And literally everything is interested here, from the difficult entrance to the dungeon, which passes only clever and subtyl people to completely unusual underground passages. In the Kouti Tunnel, there are passages where tourists have to crawl, and there are whole spacious rooms that previously accommodated a fairly large number of soldiers and weapons. Most of the military exhibits are located on the ground side. Here you can see various traps that are designed simply with improvised materials, not a small amount of weapons is presented, from which it is possible to shoot at a local dash.

Coot Tunnels – is a very fascinating place to visit when traveling to Vietnam.

Củ Chi tunnels Củ Chi tunnels Củ Chi tunnels Củ Chi tunnels Củ Chi tunnels Củ Chi tunnels
Củ Chi tunnels - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 11.061111
Longitude: 106.528333


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