Sriracha Tiger Zoo

The Sriracha Tiger Zoo opened its gate for visitors in 1997. It is located in Thailand and is a fascinating place where many animals live, among which, of course, are predatory beautiful tigers.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Among the notes of the Tiger Zoo of Sirach is the so-called « Happy Family ». Here, in a enclosure with glass walls, you can observe a picture where two mothers changed roles: a sow feeds small tigers, and next to a tigress mother treats piglets. In the park, everyone is given the opportunity to feed the kids from the bottle with a nipple and even take on their hands to photograph this process.

At the Syrac zoo, visitors simply do not have time to get bored. Here are all the various recreational activities, including the show of crocodiles, tigers, during which trainers fearlessly demonstrate the most dangerous tricks with predatory animals. Here you can watch the indicative numbers of elephants or the fascinating races of piglets.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Guests of the Sirach zoo stroll in paths, looking at the slutty bears, funny monkeys, humpback camels and many other four-legged ones.

Fans of thrills can visit scorpions. These dangerous animals are participants in various sentimental shows.

A new fascinating attraction was opened in the park in 2010, which is to the liking of active people. He began his work on the birthday of the queen of the country, which he was timed to coincide with. The main task of the attraction participants is to get food for tigers using air-powered weapons. Once clearly in the target, the device is triggered in such a way that fresh meat falls into the aviary with tigers, which predators immediately like.

In the middle of the zoo is « coffee corner », surrounded by a flower garden.

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Sriracha Tiger Zoo - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 13.149069
Longitude: -101.012571


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