Sala Keoku

Sala Keoku – is an unusual beauty park that is fully oriented towards Hinduism and Buddhism. Local sculptures appeared in 1978 under the direct command of Bunlia Sulilat. Sala Keoku Park found its place among Thailand, in its northeastern part.

Sala Keoku

The sculptures, which are an integral part of the park, serve as its beautiful decoration. These unusual artworks are built with the most common building material – brick and reinforced concrete. In the park of Sala Keoku, you can observe a wide variety of sculptural works, from very small to the most enormous. In the largest exhibits there are even holes where you can go.

All the presented sculptures are made on the same motive, which is the classic of Buddhism. Of course, the main figure that is present in the park is the huge Buddha statue. But, the many sculptures that are in the park are erected in the form of animals that are very important for the culture of Asia. Blind animals are provided here, which take place on the Chinese calendar. Many different statues are associated with various myths and legends of this land, the heroes of which were snakes, dragons, as well as other very scary fictional characters.

Sala Keoku

In the middle of the park there are also figures who, for various reasons, were not completed, they had long been waiting for the talented hands of the master.

Having passed deep into the park, a monastery opens in the eye, where its faithful ministers take care of the Sulilat case, and also take care of the local monuments. It was here that the sculptor of this historical center was buried.

In addition to attractive decoration, the garden is also famous for its green vegetation. This place is simply indispensable for the whole family to relax. Here, at a clean pond, you can observe the life of the carps and other living life. Just surprised by the variety of flower beds of exotic flowers. In our area, such plants can only be observed in large greenhouse areas.

Numerous streets of Sala Keoku Park, then scatter, then run away, interwoven with each other. You can wander around them carefree for a long time, constantly finding new paintings. Delightful sculptures of ancient deities, unmatched mythical heroes, magnificent elegant women, as well as the amazing landscape – all this makes up a complete picture of the famous park complex of Sala Keoku.

But, it is worth noting that not the sculptures themselves rive the eyes of visitors, but their impeccable ornament.

Sala Keoku is always happy with the guests. The local sculptures, a magnificent pond and flower beds will surely please both adults and children.

Sala Keoku Sala Keoku Sala Keoku Sala Keoku Sala Keoku Sala Keoku
Sala Keoku - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 17.8869
Longitude: 102.782267


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