Uxmal – this name has the ruins of a large city in Mexico, which are located on the Yucatan Peninsula. This historical part of the country is distinguished by its amazing calm. There have been no villages near this area for a long time, only recently several hotels have been erected for the comfort of tourists.


The main attraction of all Ushmal is the Pyramid of the Wizard, which rises 37 meters. This pyramid is a temple building, sometimes you can hear what it is called the House of the Wizard. It has a base of oval shape not characteristic of the Mayan pyramids. At the very top of the pyramid are two external stairs from opposite sides. There is a legend behind which this building was erected in just one night by a wizard who eventually came to the throne of Ushmal. But, scientists have a different version of the origin of the Wizard's Pyramid, they claim that the construction arose here thanks to the restructuring of the temples that were erected on this site earlier.

Behind this temple is the Monastery of Women, which consists of four buildings that form a rectangle. In this building there are as many as 74 rooms. This building was named by the monastery by Europeans who saw it, were sure that these numerous rooms are cells. What this building was actually, no one knows, maybe the Mayans really were here.


One of the oldest buildings in this complex is the Northern Building, which has a rather impressive look. This is a large structure with a side length of 81 m. Wall decorations of the Northern building are, images of Native American deities are applied. These ruins are led by a scented gate that goes by taking the Southern Building.

On the territory of Ushmal there is a platform designed for playing ball. This entertainment for Maya residents was ritual, so such a site could be observed in almost every city. Its length is – 54 m., And the width is 10 m.

The ruler of all Ushmal lived in the palace, which has enormous dimensions and is called the Palace of Ruler. The entire outer surface of the palace is decorated with large three-meter topography. The plot of these jewelry is still the same – Native American deities, namely the fertility god that was called Chuck. The corner parts of the palace are embellished by interesting masks of Chuck, for which a characteristic bizarre curved nose.

Here, on the territory of Ushmal, you can also see other ancient buildings, among which the Great Pyramid and the house of Turtles, the name of which came from the design of the ornament of this building, which has the appearance of these animals.

Ushmal can be compared with Chichen-Itsa and Palenka, it always attracts the mysterious history of Maya. The ruins of this large village, which once flourished, are now surrounded by rainforests and lures many tourists.

Uxmal Uxmal Uxmal Uxmal Uxmal Uxmal
Uxmal - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 20.360833
Longitude: -89.769722


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