Palmeral of Elche

Palmeral of Elche is Europe's largest palm forest located in Spain. On its territory of 5.1 km2 located: Uerto del Kura, City Park and several more gardens.

Palmeral of Elche

In total, the park has 11,000 palm trees, mostly dates. They even harvest in December. The largest palm was called "Sissy" in honor of the Austrian Empress Elizabeth, the palm tree is about 165 years old and weighs 10 tons.

It is known about growing palm trees in Elce, since the time when Iberians lived here, it is about 5th century BC. e. Grove survived the era of the Romans and the Moors. The forest and irrigation system were formed by the end of the 10th century, when most of the Iberian Peninsula was controlled by the Moors.

Palmeral of Elche

The climate of Elce palm forest is dry, the rainfall rate is 300 mm per year, because palm trees are planted near irrigation canals taking water from the Vinalopo river. Laws for the protection of groves for the first time appeared after the Reconkists.

A tourist route has been laid along the Elce Palm Forest, which begins at Uterto de San Placido, also known as the Palm Museum. On this path you can walk or bike. Its total route length is 2580 meters.

Palmeral of Elche Palmeral of Elche Palmeral of Elche Palmeral of Elche Palmeral of Elche Palmeral of Elche
Palmeral of Elche - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 38.269444
Longitude: -0.698333


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