Cave of Jameos del Agua Cave of Jameos del Agua Cave of Jameos del Agua Cave of Jameos del Agua

Cave of Jameos del Agua

The Jameos del Agua cave is one large volcanic tunnel, which was created by the eruption of lava during a volcanic eruption. This event took place more than three thousand years ago, so this place is considered historically important for modern history. This is part of one large cave system located in the north-eastern part of the island of Lanzarote.

Brief information

Today, the Jameos del Agua cave is very popular among tourists. Back in the last century, artist Cesar Manrique depicted a volcanic landmark, and the island’s administration decided to pay attention to this place. 22 years after the opening, a special complex was built where tourists could have fun while enjoying the moment. And over time, an auditorium appeared that could accommodate more than six hundred people at a time.

As for attractions, there are quite a lot of them. Firstly, the beauty of the tunnels allows you to enjoy the underground system. There is a restaurant here where visitors can not only observe the beauty of the place, but also visit the dance floor or bar. During the journey, you can come across a huge path, following which you can get into a giant cave. While walking along the trail, you encounter crystal clear water, which is located underground and is a lagoon.


It is in the Jameos del Agua cave along the way that you meet the inhabitants of the underworld, namely albino crabs. Over time, the cave became an excellent tropical garden, where many visitors had the opportunity to be close to the garden.

Going further through the tunnels, you will come across a large underground hall. It is known all over the world, and its acoustics are considered its attraction, where concerts from famous performers are often held, as well as music festivals.

If tourists are attracted by the flora and fauna of this place, then they just need to visit the scientific institute not far from the Jameos del Agua cave. It is there that you can find many different exhibitions where you can meet unique plants, as well as the inhabitants of this place.

The Jameos del Agua cave is a popular destination for tourists, which is why many travel agencies offer this particular place when tourists travel to Spain. The amazing beauty of this place does not leave tourists aside, and visitors want to return here again in the future. Don't forget about the surrounding area, because there are many lakes and beautiful tropical gardens. A visit to the Jameos del Agua cave is definitely worth adding to your bucket list.

Cave of Jameos del Agua - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 29.1572
Longitude: -13.4305


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